Are you already taking your Christmas decorations down? Here are some tips to be mindful of while doing it.

There's two types of people this time of year, those who already have their Christmas decorations down and those who are waiting until after the New Year. I'm not a holiday fan, but it has been a little sad driving around at night and noticing how much darker it is because people have been taking down their Christmas decorations. Many people go all out with their tree and wreaths too, but some residents don't know how to dispose of them properly this time of year.

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What warning has been issued about Christmas trees and wreaths?


The Brewster Fire Department has put out a warning to residents about common mistakes people make when they are taking down their Christmas decorations. The main warning they have issued is DO NOT burn your Christmas tree or wreath in your fireplace or stove, here's why:

  • The dry needles can start a fire VERY quickly
  • The needles can produce sparks and can set your rugs, furniture and more on fire
  • Many Christmas trees have a lot of sap on them and that causes the tree to burn explosively
  • Dry Christmas trees can hard to control while burning
  • The fire from a Christmas tree can burn very hot and it can damage your firebox, chimney and flue (this can cause VERY expensive repairs and nobody needs that this time of year)

There are even more to be aware of and all of the information can be found right here. Be careful and safe when you are taking everything down this season.

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