This might sound like a Halloween prank that is taking place too late, but I came across a headline talking about a woman who identifies herself as a vampire. Is this like when people say they are a Pastafarian? Which I originally thought meant that they just liked pasta, liked it a lot, but there is more too it. Scroll for the definition of a Pastafarian, but back to vampires.

Can you identify as a vampire in New York State and have people recognize it? Yes, this might sound not right to you, but there are people that this is very important to.

Who can be a Vampire in New York State?

Photo by Luc Bercoth on Unsplash
Photo by Luc Bercoth on Unsplash

There is a large population of people in New York City who say they are Vampires. What does it mean to be a vampire? Here is the definition from

a corpse supposed, in European folklore, to leave its grave at night to drink the blood of the living by biting their necks with long pointed canine teeth.

While that might resemble a few people who have lived in my neighborhood, no one has actually come out to me as a Vampire. 

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Can anyone be a vampire in New York State?

Photo by Michal Ico on Unsplash
Photo by Michal Ico on Unsplash

Yes, anyone can identify as a Vampire. Do they meet the above definition of what a vampire is? That is another issue. Will they ever be able to check the box of vampire when they get their drivers license renewed in New York State? Probably not.

What is a Pastafarian?

Again, I first didn't realize that this was truly an organized 'religion.' Here is more info about Pastafarianism:

  • Every Friday is a Religious Holiday, No Dues, there  are allegedly Beer Volcanos in the afterlife, and Pirate Regalia is required or encouraged at all formal functions
  • The official name of the Pastafarian Church is The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

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