Hey boo-boo, that's not your truck!

It's not every day that you see a bear roaming through your neighborhood, it's even stranger when it looks like they're trying to break into your vehicle. But it is 2022 and stranger things have happened.

With that being said Woodstock Landscaping and Excavating shared a photo this week of a black bear attempting to break into one of their work trucks. Take a look:

Woodstock Landscaping, Facebook
Woodstock Landscaping, Facebook

While it's nothing new to see a bear in the Hudson Valley (especially in the Woodstock area) what makes this story crazier than usual is that this was the 2nd time the bear tried getting into the exact same vehicle.

Woodstock Landscaping and Excavating writes:

This handsome guy stopped to pose for a picture while trying to get into a Woodstock Landscaping truck. This was his 2nd visit today. He got in the first time (look at that grip on the door handle)! Glad we didn’t leave the keys in it.

Never in my life did I think we would have to warn the public about bears breaking into cars, but here we are. However, now that we think about it there have been a number of reports of bears breaking into homes and buildings.

In June of 2022, a bear reportedly broke down a door to get into a Dutchess County home. Then in July, several reports came in of black bears frolicking around the Fishkill area of Dutchess County. A resident new to the area got quite the surprise when driving past the old Downstate Correctional Facility when he saw one of the bears breaking into jail:

The DEC says that black bears are an important component of the New Yorks ecosystem. To learn more about NYS black bears and how to avoid human-bear conflict visit DEC.NY.Gov.

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