It’s pretty cool when someone you know can brag that they have something being published in a popular national magazine. And he’s a Hudson Valley resident. You may have heard of RonzWorld Guitars and Gallery in Beacon. It’s an awesome store on Main Street, and it’s full of rock and roll artwork, most of it done by Ron, the owner of RonzWorld.

During a recent visit to RonzWorld, I learned that Ron’s work is actually going to be featured in a popular musicians magazine. Here’s how it happened. Ron is friends with and works closely with Toni Cesiro, another Hudson Valley resident well known for her rock and roll creations. Toni makes awesome guitar string jewelry. Well, Toni works with Corky Laing, who is a rock star. Corky was the drummer for the rock band Mountain, and now he is the main force behind Corky Laing’s Mountain.

Toni introduced Corky to Ron and RonzWorld Guitars and Gallery. Once Corky saw what an amazing artist Ron is, he had him paint a drum set. Corky was so amazed by the work that Ron did on his drum set that Corky arranged to have a layout in Modern Drummer Magazine, one of the most respected musician’s magazines. Needless to say, Ron was honored to do it. And that’s how he got his art into a famous magazine. Pretty cool, right?

If you haven’t been to RonzWorld, check them out at 172 Main Street in Beacon. It’s a very cool place, and much more than your run-of-the-mill guitar store. Introduce yourself to Ron, and then you can say you know someone whose art was featured in a popular magazine.

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