New York state residents have shared their excitement about concerts they will attend this summer.

For the most part, concert goers enjoy being in the atmosphere at these shows, meeting friends along the way and soaking up the music that they listen to. The sense of happiness and community also allow concert goers to continue attending shows that they feel connected to in many ways.

While the majority of the shows that residents mentioned in the comments section of this post are in the Hudson Valley, some of the shows are all throughout New York state.

Facebook users also shared with one another if they were attending the same show that other users mentioned that they were going to. 

Some of these shows will take place at the legendary Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. This venue is the original site of the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival. People come from different states to experience the vibes of the Woodstock Music Festival that still live on today.

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Other concerts will take place at Citi Field in Queens, NY and Madison Square Garden in New York, New York.

Music brings a sense of community, friendship and fun.

Iconic and influential singers, songwriters and performers such as Santana, Blink 182 and more will bring together those who enjoy their music.

Let’s take a look at upcoming concerts within New York state that residents are excited to experience. Fellow music lovers may become interested in shows that they didn’t know about until learning about them now.

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A poll was taken on WRRV's social media platforms asking residents to share information.

"Tell us about a concert you’re excited to see this summer! -Allison"

There were over 50 comments from Facebook users who responded with what shows they are excited to experience this summer and where the concert will take place.

Gallery Credit: Allison Kay

What concerts are you excited to go to this summer? Let us know below.

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Thousands of fans gathered on site to enjoy a warm summer night at a peaceful venue while soaking up the last concert of the season.

Rod Stewart's performance was incredible, it reminded me of a Las Vegas show. For over 2 hours, Rod Stewart sang, danced, changed outfits, chatted with the crowd and had remarkable singers, dancers and musicians also join him on stage.

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