If Bethel Woods fans had to answer a question of what is missing from this groovy site, it might be hard for them to think of anything.

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is the home to the Woodstock Music Festival which took place on August 15, 1969. This three-day music festival brought in around 500,000 people to these peaceful grounds.

Today, the site that the Woodstock Festival took place on, continues to bring people from different states to learn, explore and have fun. Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is a magical site that instantly makes me feel calm, peaceful and full of love. 

Bethel Woods Museum Is An Underrated Activity To Explore In The Hudson Valley

The Museum at Bethel Woods is located at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts.

This museum is a unique experience for all ages, not only is it fun, exciting and filled with bright colors, it also allows guests to learn about history that takes place on site.

The Museum at Bethel Woods highlights the 1969 Woodstock Museum Festival which played a significant role throughout the world and continues to bring people together to this day.

While concert goers may feel that Bethel Woods already has everything that they may need on site, others may have had an idea to add a perk.

Bethel Woods Add New 'Delicious' Feature For 2024 Concert Season

Sip, sip hooray! Laughing Cat Coffee is now open at Bethel Woods. Their coffee trailer is a 'new buzz' for the 2024 concert season.

Guests can enjoy their 'delicious' coffee, espresso and more at the Laughing Cat Coffee trailer.

I was excited to check out this new addition to Bethel Woods when I attended the first show of the season. Bethel Woods mentioned, 

"Laughing Cat Coffee and Bethel Woods are committed to providing exceptional coffee that is sustainable, ethically sourced, and provides the best coffee experience possible."

Be sure to check out Laughing Cat Coffee the next time you visit Bethel Woods.

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Bethel Woods Adds Camping, Glamping And More For 2024 Concert Season

Imagine being able to spend the night on the magical grounds of where the 1969 Woodstock Museum Festival took place. I have always wanted to experience this and now it's available for the 2024 concert season. 

The Campground at Bethel Woods is now open and offers guests camping in tents, a stay in a glamping tent, RV parking and more. 

Additional information about Bethel Woods and their Peace, Love & Camping feature can be found on their website and 94.3 Lite FM.

The Bethel Woods 2024 concert season lineup continues to grow. Concert goers have already experienced John Fogerty who opened for the 2024 season. Roger Daltry also performed in June 2024 and guests can soon experience Hootie & The Blow Fish, James Taylor, Santana, Hozier and more.

Additional information about Bethel Woods and their 2024 concert season lineup can be found on 94.3 Lite FM.

What concert are you excited to experience at Bethel Woods this summer? Tell us more below.

11 Highlights of Bethel Woods Last Concert of The Season

Bethel Woods Last Concert Of The Season Ended With Rod Stewart.

Rod Stewart took the stage at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts on September 1, 2023. Cheap Trick opened the show for Rod Stewart.

Thousands of fans gathered on site to enjoy a warm summer night at a peaceful venue while soaking up the last concert of the season.

Rod Stewart's performance was incredible, it reminded me of a Las Vegas show. For over 2 hours, Rod Stewart sang, danced, changed outfits, chatted with the crowd and had remarkable singers, dancers and musicians also join him on stage.

Take a look at 11 highlights of the Bethel Woods last concert of the season.

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