I will admit that before the covid pandemic I was getting a little worried about the future of drive-in movies. The few that are left around the country got a lot of attention during the pandemic because you can watch a movie or a performance and social distance at the same time. In fact, some towns turned empty parking lots into drive-ins during covid. 

As I mentioned, I did think the future of drive-ins might be threatened in other parts of the country, but I wasn't really too concerned about it here in Dutchess County. We have three movie theaters in Dutchess County alone, with a few more scattered about other areas of the Hudson Valley. Not only are all of these drive-in theaters active, they are totally embraced by the community. Which is way nicer than the abandoned drive-ins you see in other parts of the country. 

So, where are the three drive-in theaters in Dutchess County? Here's where you and your family can enjoy a movie together in Dutchess County, and even wear your pajamas if you want!

Are Drive-In Movies a Thing of the Past? Not in Dutchess County!

Drive-In Movie Theaters in Dutchess County

Those are the three in Dutchess County alone. If you head to Orange County you can see a movie at the Fair Oaks Drive in Theater on Bloomingburg Road in Middletown or the Warwick Drive-In on Warwick Tpk. The Hudson Valley is lucky to be able to hold on to such treasures that bring us all such fond memories, and even more important, create new ones for generations to come.

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