Adams Fairacre Farms has been a staple within the Hudson Valley since the 1930's. Since then, they have been proudly serving the community and continue to expand throughout different counties.

When Did Adams Fairacre Farms Open In The Hudson Valley?

Canva, Facebook, Adams Fairacre Farms
Canva, Facebook, Adams Fairacre Farms

Adams Fairacre Farms shared their history.

"In 1919, Ralph and Mary Adams purchased 50 acres of farmland in Poughkeepsie, New York. They worked the land, selling fresh produce to area retailers from a farmstand. By 1933 they had four children and a successful farmstand. Adams Fairacre Farms was born."

In the beginning, Adams Fairacre Farms explained that they were selling vegetables and fruits. It wasn't until their loyal customers started putting in requests that they had an idea. The request for meat and cheese then led to the idea of a local deli as well.

"Because they grew their own produce and had access to farm supplies, people started asking for fertilizer and plants from Adams, leading to the addition of a garden center. "


Where Are Adams Fairacre Farms Locations In The Hudson Valley?

Multiple Adams Fairacre Farms are located throughout the Hudson Valley. Guests can visit this high-quality grocery store in Kingston, Wappingers, Poughkeepsie and Newburgh, NY. 

In June 2023, Adams Fairacre Farms opened its newest location in the Town of Wallkill. Hudson Valley residents now have more opportunities to shop at Adams and experience one-stop shopping at their locations.

All of these Adams Fairacre Farms locations not only have grocery shopping available but a therapeutic Garden Center as well. One of my favorite parts about visiting Adams Fairacre Farms is visiting their garden centers, it's a relaxing experience.

Adams Fairacre Farms has that local grocery store, hometown feel to it. There's something for everyone, I love the gift shop and healthier food options. Along with homemade food options, they also have a bakery and coffee shop at locations.

What Is Adams Fairacre Farms Spring Flower Show And How Can You Visit?

Adams Fairacre Farms is having their spring flower show for 2024. I love visiting Adams during this event each year to see all of the beautiful bright flowers and soak up the warm air, it truly feels like spring at their flower shows.

For 2024, guests can visit Adams Fairacre Farms for their special theme, "Adams in Wonderland" for their flower show this year. Expect exciting new features to the flower show including special characters throughout the store and new displays. Adams describes the colorful event as a great way to shake, "the doldrums of winter" this year.

Leading up to this year's event, Adams held a chair designing promotion, so expect to see creative and fun chairs throughout the flower show experience as well.

When Will Adams Fairacre Farms Spring Flower Show Take Place In 2024?

Canva, Allison Kay, Adams Fairacre Farms, Facebook
Canva, Allison Kay, Adams Fairacre Farms, Facebook

"Adams in Wonderland" theme for Adams Fairacre Farms' spring flower show will take place in February and March 2024.

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In their Poughkeepsie and Newburgh, NY locations, guests can visit between the dates of February 23, 2024 through March 3, 2024.

In their Kingston and Middletown/Wallkill NY locations, guests can visit between the dates of March 1, 2024 through March 10, 2024.

There will not be a spring flower show at the Adams Fairacre Farms location in the Wappinger, NY location in 2024.

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How Will Adams Fairacre Farms 2024 Spring Flower Show Be The "Best Year Yet"?

Adams Fairacre Farms shared,

"Starting late February, you can escape the cold and dullness of reality and enter our whimsical and enchanted garden and be immersed in colorful flowers and even more colorful characters! Journey down the rabbit hole and meet us in Wonderland 🌈🌼 See below and in post for the dates."

In the comments section of the Instagram post from Adams Fairacre Farm, they responded back to Instagram users with positive answers.

They stated,

"While we can’t promise magic shrooms that make you shrink or get taller - we can promise that the whole store will be getting involved and that there will be themed items in all of our departments! Come check it out!🍄💚"

What's your favorite part about visiting Adams Fairacre Farms' five locations? Will you visit this "Adams in Wonderland" themed spring flower show this year? Share more with us below.

VIP Look at The New Adams Fairacre Farms in Town of Wallkill, NY

Adams Fairacre Farms Hosted An Event At Their Town Of Wallkill, NY Location

I was excited to attend an event at the new location of Adams Fairacre Farms located in the Town of Wallkill, NY. Excited Hudson Valley residents attended this event to see the new location firsthand. 

Adams Fairacre Farms had samples available for guests to try things along with a cash bar. Guests were also able to go grocery shopping, explore the nursery and chat with employees of Adams Fairacre Farms.

Moving forward, Adams Fairacre Farms has great giveaways. From June 16, 2023- June 29, 2023 guests can participate by signing up to win. There are $2.11 specials to celebrate Adams' newest location in the Town of Wallkill, NY.

Gallery Credit: Allison Kay

Yes, You Can Actually Buy These 10 Things at Adams

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