Once a slaughterhouse, now a sanctuary for abused and neglected pigs.

It's called Arthur’s Acres, located in Parksville New York, near Liberty and it's founder Todd Friedman has more than 50 animals that have found their forever home in his sanctuary according to Spectrum News.

Friedman started the sanctuary two years ago with the mission to rescue those that have been abused, exploited or discarded, rehabilitate through patience, love, and respect, and educate individuals on cruelty-free life from daily choices according to their website.

Friedman told Spectrum News that he really just wants to educate people on pigs, he said, "How beautiful, how smart they are. I really wanted to bring awareness to people where they’re not just dumb animals, they’re not bacon, they’re not pork, they’re someone not something you know?" Friedman along with many others consider pigs some of the smartest animals on the planet, Friedman said, "They have names, which they respond to, and experience emotion like your pet dog or cat would."

The sanctuary is able to do what it does because of the many volunteers that look after the 50 plus animals, seven days a week by providing warm blankets, fresh produce for them to eat, and clean water for them to drink.

As far as the sanctuary goes, they experienced a fire back in 2019 that took one of their barns which has made caring for the animals a bit difficult, but they have started construction on a new barn, that should be done soon. Once construction is done the sanctuary will be able to help even more animals. Friedman said. "Whatever is gonna help them get better, we want be able to offer that to them to make sure that they have the longest, happiest lives."

If you'd like to help the sanctuary by making a donation, or you'd like to meet some of their residents, you can do that online here.

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