The Hudson Valley region of New York State is such a wealth of history, I think we forgot that this area is a couple of hundred years old. There are events that stand out in modern history, such as the horrific event of 9-11-2001, but there are also other dates that are not so fresh in our minds, but mark sad days where others also lost their lives in battle.

One of those dates was September 29, 1918. What was the tragic event that took place on that day, and who recently reminded us of that tragic loss? Keep reading to find out.

What event took place on September 29, 1918 with ties to the Hudson Valley NY?

Photo supplied by Office of County Executive Steven M. Neuhaus
Photo supplied by Office of County Executive Steven M. Neuhaus

On that fateful day in 1918, there were 40 soldiers, from Orange County New York, who
all sadly perished on same day during World War I. The soldiers all died during the Battle of Hindenburg Line in Northern France, all of them serving side-by-side one another in Companies E and L of the 107th Regiment of the 27th Division.

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Recently (September 29, 2023) the fallen from that day (in 1918) were honored with a new monument that bears their names and an unveiling of that monument, along with a touching tribute from Orange County Executive Steven M. Neuhaus and the County’s Veterans Service Agency (VSA).

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If you would like to find out more information or visit the monument yourself to learn or to pay tribute, it is located at The Veterans Memorial Cemetery on Craigville Road in Goshen NY.

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