On the off chance that you haven't had enough cake and cookies already this holiday season to last a lifetime. Let me be the one to direct you to another delicious holiday-themed dessert.

With the Winter Solstice happening Wednesday there will be lots of talk about Yule and the Yule log. Yes, people will be talking about the one you actually burn in a fireplace but are you familiar with the one you eat?

History of the Yule Log Cake

According to History.com these tasty confections are a direct alternative to the Yule Log probably arriving at a Winter Solstice celebration around the year 1600. The actual Yule Log was burned at the Winter Solstice celebrations to celebrate the return to light as the days got longer. It was also burned to cleanse the Winter air. I like to think that burning a Yule log and enjoying a Yule Log cake while doing it is doubly beneficial

Amoretti has shared a great recipe if you feel ambitious enough to make a Yule Log Cake instead of buying one.

So if you are already starting to count calories. And if you aren't sure you can actually burn off all the calories with a few trips to the gym. My suggestion is to skip a few cookies on the cookie swap tray and save some room for the big treat.  Contact your favorite bakery if you don't want to make it yourself. Yule be glad you did.

Photo by Kisoulou on Unsplash
Photo by Kisoulou on Unsplash

One of these bakeries might have one for you Deising's BakeryThe Pastry Garden if not check out the list of bakeries below. If they make the Piecaken they most likely make a yummy Yule Log.

Hudson Valley Bakeries That Make Holiday Treats

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