This week has brought some of the hottest, and stickiest, weather the Hudson Valley has felt this summer season. So whatever you gotta do to stay cool you do it, right?

Like hiking in the least amount of clothes as possible. Why not?

One Hudson Valley hiker took it upon themselves to invent a day where hikers can enjoy their favorite hike in the Hudson Valley with an additional breeze. A photo posted in the Hike the Hudson Valley and Beyond Facebook group read:

Anthony's Nose Bikini Hik July 24th July 31st Spread The Word

At the latest check, the photo has been taken down. Does that mean the Bikini Hike is canceled? There's only one way to find out.

But in all seriousness, hiking in a bathing suit can be uncomfortable and dangerous. Imagine rubbing up on a poison ivy leaf and it brushes into a hard-to-reach spot? Don't even get me started with the tick situation.

Those reasons alone have me opting out of the Bikini Hike at Anthony's Nose. More power to ya if you decided to take on (or off) that challenge. Just make sure you have heavy-duty bug spray on hand.

This isn't the first time hiking and exploring without the proper clothes has been suggested. National Hike Naked Day falls on June 21st (also known as the first day of summer) every year. Plus for the last few years, Howe Caverns hosted Naked in a Cave. It's a tour through the caves to promote body positivity.

Would you hike naked or in a bikini? What about strolling through some caves in nothin' but your birthday suit?

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