The Hudson Valley could be in store for "above average" snowfall this winter.

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"Our winter outlook is compiled by doing extensive research on a variety of atmospheric and oceanic factors that have been shown to influence our weather patterns. These trends, teleconnections, and indicators can give us some insight into the possible weather patterns for the upcoming winter season," Hudson Valley Weather wrote.

To come up with the winter outlook, Hudson Valley Weather compared projected indicators for this winter with every winter since 1960 and found trends that look similar to this year.

In terms of snowfall, Hudson Valley Weather predicts average snowfall to above-average snowfall.

"Since 1991, the average annual snowfall in Poughkeepsie is 42.8″, so that would (be) anywhere from 42″ to 56″ of snow in the Poughkeepsie area," Hudson Valley Weather wrote. "However, snowfall can be quite unpredictable. A difference of 50 to 100 miles in the track of 2 or 3 coastal storms, can make or break your season in terms of snowfall."

Temperatures during the winter are expected to be normal in the Hudson Valley.

"December is likely to be colder than average, followed by a milder January and first half of February, before colder than average temperatures return for the back end of February on into March," Hudson Valley Weather predcits.

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