If you've ever seen this vine growing in your yard or on your trees, don't freak out! Here's everything you need to know about it.

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

Has this green vine with white flowers suddenly popped up everywhere in your shrubs and trees? Well if it has, you are not alone. It seems to appear around this time of year and people are always wondering if it's dangerous.

Wild Cucumber Vine

The good news off the bat is that it's completely harmless. It's a fast growing vine that can span over 25 feet in length when fully grown. Though the vine is quick to grow, it will die just as quickly after the first hard frost of the season.

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Those flowers on the plant are also completely harmless. they actually serve as a source of food for native pollinators in the spring and summer.

Credit - University of New Hampshire
Credit - University of New Hampshire

Why The Name Cucumber?

If you look close enough, you can see how the vine spins tightly into a circle. This is very similar to their cousin in the garden, the cucumber. Their spined fruits are different from their cousin though, they more resemble the look of a pufferfish and are not edible.

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So simple to say, you don't have to worry about these vines when you see them on your trees or plants. They are simply natures way of providing a little extra beauty to your forest, and give another food source for our much needed pollinators.

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