Are you a frustrated smoker in New York who feels like it is a struggle filled with many levels of anxiety every time you go searching for another pack of smokes? Yes, you're correct, New York State does not make it easy for those who light up to be able to do so.

Where can you buy a pack of smokes legally in New York State without having to jump through hoops of drama? Keep reading, here is what you need to know about getting your cigarettes' in New York State as of October 2023.

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Who can buy cigarettes and tobacco products in New York State?


Yes, the where can you buy them is just a little further down the page, but who can purchase cigarettes or tobacco products in New York State?

According to the NY Health website, here's who can buy these items:

Retailers cannot sell cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, powdered tobacco, shisha or other tobacco products, herbal cigarettes, liquid nicotine, electronic cigarettes, rolling papers, or smoking paraphernalia to people under 21 years of age.


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Where can you actually purchase tobacco products in New York State?

Photo by Daniele Fotia on Unsplash
Photo by Daniele Fotia on Unsplash

You might have trouble finding a licensed place to purchase your smokes, but while New York State has made it challenging to purchase cigarettes', they added a locator to their website of active retail tobacco vendors which you can search by the type of product that you want, i.e. cigarettes, loose tobacco, vaping supplies.

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