No matter where you looked this week, the top news was all about the COVID-19 vaccine.

From Pfizer to, the Dolly Parton funded, Moderna it's top of mind for everyone across the US as we enter the 10th month of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Debates are blazing across American whether or not people will be getting the vaccine or not. Before we get to that stage in the vaccine process, have you wondered on where you would fall when it comes to when you would be able to receive the vaccine?

The New York Times created a Risk Profile program that can estimate where one would be in line to receive the COVID vaccine once it's released.

They break it down by age, county, your occupation (they make you choose between  a health care provider, essential worker, teacher, first responder or none of the above) and if you suffer from any COVID related health risks such as "heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity or other immunocompromised conditions."

Once they have that information they break down where you'll be in line. For instance here are my results:

In the US as a whole, they believe I'll be "behind 126.5 million people across the United States."

Locally in Dutchess County, based off my Risk Profile I'll be behind 114,700 people.

The Risk Profile program also reports that when it comes to New York they estimate I will be behind "7.6 million others who are at higher risk" in New York.

The New York Times worked with Surgo Foundation and Ariadne Labs, as well as their Vaccine Tool, to create the Risk Profile.

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