You may be wondering why this week in particular you are so tired. Maybe you have noticed that people around you are tired as well.

Some people will blame it on the economy and all of us losing sleep over paying bills and making ends meet for the Holidays. That could be the reason you are tired but it is not the number one reason you can't seem to shake the sleepiness.

When Does Daylight Savings Time End in 2022

Over the last week or so you may have noticed that the sun is setting significantly early. You are most likely starting to leave work now in the dark. You may even be getting up in the dark. All of this is not news because the days are getting shorter.

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But again I say yes that can bring on a feeling of tiredness but it still isn't the reason we are all dragging around this week. There is one reason I believe that all of us could use a nap and sadly we can't do much about it.

When Did We Change the Daylight Savings Time Dates?

The reason we are all walking sleep zombies right now is that we should be getting our hour back this weekend and we aren't. We now give it up sooner in the Spring and get it back later in the Fall. It was bad enough that we had daylight saving time, to begin with, but when they went and change the dates in 2007 they turned us into a sleepy mass for those extra days that got added to the Daylight Savings Calendar.

We use to get to keep our daylight savings time hour until the end of April now we flip the clocks forward at the beginning of March. We use to get our hour back on the last Saturday in October now we have to wait until the first Saturday in November.

Doing the quick math on that I have calculated that we are now missing about 4 total nights of sleep by the time we get to flipping our clocks back. One hour a day times 7 days a week for 4 extra weeks, feel free to check my math.

Thanks for hearing me out.

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