I never really thought much about coins. To me it is all money. You can pay for things with it. I am not the person who has the huge change jar where I put change in it at the end of the day. I use my change. I don't hold up check-out lines to get the exact amount of money, but if it is easy to access, I will use it when I pay for things.

So when I found out that people actually save their change, I was truly gobsmacked. Then to find out people actually looked for specific coins, I was like, really? Seriously?

Does anyone you know collect Lincoln Wheat Pennies?

A jar of pennies surrounded by pennies.

I never noticed that much about the one cent penny. Yes, I know that it has President Lincoln's profile on it, the backs change every few years and allegedly they cost more to produce than they are worth, but do you look for them? I was talking to someone who took every penny that came into his possession and he would toss them into the air, the parking lot, even the nearest trash can, he just didn't care.

Is it only "old" people that collect wheat pennies?


Now, ironically it is this same persons father who first told me about Wheat Pennies, because even though his son tossed them away at will, this guy collected them. Wheat pennies are fairly easy to recognize, because of the grains of wheat on the back of the penny.

When were the elusive wheat pennies produced by the US Mint?


According to the US Mint, wheat pennies where produced from the years of 1909 to 1959. Are there some of these pennies that are worth more than one cent? Yes, I looked on sites like eBay and others, you can find a few wheat pennies from the 1930's and 1940's that will cost you a dollar or two.

Where is the best or easiest place to find wheat pennies?

Close-up of Coin Wrappers

Believe it or not rolled coins from the bank and the next time you get change back from when you pay and you get pennies, check them out. Did you get any wheat pennies? I have found that I get about one wheat penny for about every ten pennies that I bring in.

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