It's no surprise that the COVID-19 outbreak is causing a lot of stress and completely changing our lives everyday.

Evidation Health did a study looking at data from Fitbits and Apple Watches and came up with some unsettling percents.

According to their study,

  • 39% of physical activity is down (With everything being closed and not being able to go out this makes sense)


  • Time spent sleeping has gone up more than 20%( I think naps are helping people pass the time)


  • 51% of people are worried about someone in their home contracting the Coronavirus (Whether it's someone in your house, or a friend/family member, we all feel this)


  • 49% percent of people are reporting feeling anxious with everything going on (Everyone is feeling this some way or another)


During this time it's important to help others, but also to make sure we are taking care of ourselves. This includes getting more sleep, drinking tons of water, following the restrictions in place, and seeking out mental-health treatment if we need it.

Stay safe.

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