Wow, was I surprised when I went on Facebook the other day and found out that one of Red Hook’s favorite stores is taking down its sign and closing its doors. What? It’s such a great little store, how could this possibly be happening? Well it is happening, but there is also some good news to go along with this seemingly bad news.

Hudson Valley Vintage Shop and Studio in Red Hook is a unique furniture and decorative paint boutique, with curated antiques and restored pieces. They hold workshops and classes in furniture painting and other DIY projects. And now those old Red Hook doors are closing, but new doors will opening in the very near future for Hudson Valley Vintage. And you won’t have to go too far to find them again. They’ve shared some big news over the past couple of days. Hudson Valley Vintage will be moving to a new Red Hook location sometime this summer. But they're not closed even while they are in between locations.

According to the Hudson Valley Vintage Facebook page, you can still shop online and pick up locally. And local pick up is right in Red Hook, so there’s no inconvenience. And I don’t know about you, but I’m always happy to get to visit Red Hook and do a little shopping and eating.

If you want to order online and keep up with the changes and news about Hudson Valley Vintage Shop and Studio, visit the website or the Facebook page. Congratulations to Hudson Valley Vintage on their latest and future endeavors.

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