A warm snap is coming to the Hudson Valley after frigid temps.

After a brief visit from Jack Frost, the Hudson Valley will finally get a reprieve from the icy holiday temps. With many having holiday travel and last-minute shopping disrupted due to inclement weather, we'll have balmy conditions to ring in the new year.

The cold temperatures have wreaked havoc, even for me, with my Rock n Roll Limo car doors being completely frozen. Leaving work one evening this past week, I couldn't get my driver's side door open. Then I tried opening the passenger side door and had no luck. I was eventually able to pry the door open, but then the door wouldn't shut. What a nightmare.

After the car warmed up a bit, I was able to get the door to shut. Just a minor inconvenience, but something I had no interest in dealing with in the frigid temps.

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Hudson Valley Weather reports that people in the Hudson Valley will not freeze come this New Years' weekend, as temperatures will be getting up into the '50s by the weekend, with temps around 52.


I can't stand this time of year, but if temps would stay in the '50s for the rest of the winter, I'd be a happy camper.

Sadly, the recent winter storm in the Buffalo, NY saw a death toll of at least 27 people where 43 inches of snow fell. Our thoughts are with the good people of Buffalo during this difficult time.

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