It is no secret that many of our community in the Hudson Valley rely on volunteer first responders. Many of our local ambulance corps and fire departments are staffed with people who give their personal time to help others. If you have ever wonder how you might become one of those men or women let me point you in the direction of two examples where you can volunteer.

Just this week two local first responders were reminding the community that they are in need of volunteers, the first was the Washingtonville Fire Department. The other was the Town of Esopus Ambulance Squad also known as TEVAS.

First Responder Groups Need Volunteers in the Hudson Valley

Both of these organizations recently posted on their social media that they were looking for people to join their ranks. If these organizations are to far from where you live in the Hudson Valley that's ok because chances are your community EMS or fire department is looking for volunteers too. Check out the New York Fire Department Directory for the one closest to you.

Town of Esopus Volunteer Ambulance Squad via Facebook
Town of Esopus Volunteer Ambulance Squad via Facebook

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I realize in these busy time it is hard to imagine giving up your free time but it may surprise you how easy it becomes not to mention how rewarding it feels to help. TEVAS for instance is one of the last 100 % volunteer EMS squads in Ulster County. They work inside their community but they have also been need for calls in the City of Kingston, New Paltz, the town of Lloyd and more.

If you want to get an idea of what it takes to be an EMT and how you can go about the process of becoming on TEVAS invited you to ask questions on their Facebook Page. I am sure your town's EMS or Fire Department would encourage you to do the same.

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