If you have never been to Kingston before, now is the time. More than just driving through, there truly is so much to see there.

I have spent many years visiting family and friends in this town. Did you know that Kingston is the state's first capital?  It also dates back to the 1600's. Along the City of Kingston, you can learn about the history, explore new shops and dine at the finest restaurants.

The Hudson River Maritime Museum is currently closed, otherwise this would have been my first recommendation.


Here are the top 4 places to visit while you don't have to pay to park in the City of Kingston.

Walk along the Rondout Creek, Kingston's Waterfront

There's nothing better than fresh air. Regardless of the season, be sure to stroll along these historic streets. You can park and begin at the Reher Center and end near the waterfront. Along the Rondout Creek, you will see signs and plaques with mini history lessons of when this town was first settled. You can also explore the outside of the Hudson River Maritime Museum. Lastly, there are plenty of options for dinner and drinks along the waterfront.

Stop by Half Moon Rondout Cafe Coffee and Donuts

Any day is a good day for coffee and pastries. On site, they have hot, fresh made donuts to go and delicious coffee. As of right now, they have cannoli donuts for New Year's. They also offer Bourbon Barrel Coffee for a limited amount of time. This local business is in the perfect spot near the Waterfront.

Be sure to find out more here.

Dine out at Savona's Trattoria

If you are from Kingston then you know all about Savona's. This casual style, Italian restaurant is housed in an opera house that dates back to the 1800s. The Savona family takes pride in their 35 years of serving the Kingston community. They carry on traditions and recipes from their ancestors from Brooklyn, New York and Sicily. 

Find out more here.

Visit the Reher Center for Immigrant Culture and History

This site holds an extensive amount of history. Nowadays, it is focusing more on the immigrant stories that lie within the Hudson Valley and shedding light onto them. Known as a "time capsule", the Reher Center dates back to a bakery that closed its doors in the early 1980's. My family has told me stories of how they used to pick up bread from this very own location. They have had fond memories of visiting there. When you walk to the Reher Center, be sure to notice the woman standing by the door. At first, I thought that she was real but that's not the case.


Find out more about the Reher Center here.

View Brandi's post about Kingston's free, 2 hour parking by clicking here.

Where is your favorite place to visit in Kingston? Have you been there before? Share with us below.

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