A scary situation quickly unfolded in one location. Unfortunately, any kind of threat needs to be taken very seriously today and it just seems to be happening more often. The world just seems to be getting crazier and we all need to be on extra alert everywhere we go.

A local police department in the Hudson Valley had to respond to a recent threat and they were able to safely assist the community.

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What happened in The Village of Walden?


According to The Village of Walden Police, they were notified that a radio transmission was overheard on a neighboring fire department's radio frequency. As if that isn't scary enough, the person reportedly sounded like they were trying to disguise their voice and mentioned a possible threat. This is just bizarre...

More to the story:

Officials say they were able to get a tip related to the situation and conducted a follow up investigation. The threat was investigated and allegedly the radio that was used to make transmissions was located. The juvenile who had possession of it reportedly made the transmissions. Yikes...

The Village of Walden Police said there was no threat to the community and another follow-up investigation will be going on. It's important to remember that these kinds of threats are no joke and can cause serious harm to those involved. Please contact the local police if you have information on any of them and stay safe out there.

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