Both officers were off duty and getting ready for vacation, but they stepped right in to assist. Imagine getting ready to go on a relaxing vacation, and right before you get on the plane and you're double checking that you have your wallet and then you have to save someone!

I can imagine as a police officer that you really never have a day off, but you'd think right before your vacation you'd be able to relax a bit. Not in this case, two officers bravely helped save a man right at JK International Airport.


What happened at JFK International Airport?

It was supposed to be an easy day, Sergeant Breanne Quigley (Town of Rosendale Police Department) and Detective Cheryl Benjamin (Town of Ulster Police Department) were at the airport and waiting to go on vacation with some friends. All of a sudden a man collapsed near them because of a heart attack, how awful and scary.

Always saving the day:

Both officers stepped right up and cleared the scene, they were able to secure an automatic electronic defibrillator and began LIFE SAVING CPR. Medical care did arrive and the man was safely transported to a nearby hospital. Their training and hard work saved the man's life, thankfully the officers were there because it could have been a very different ending.

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Thank you to all the police officers in the Hudson Valley who always step up to help and keep all of us safe every day.

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