It might seem like an odd request, but it's for a very respectful reason.

I don't think there was person last week who drove in the East Fishkill/Hopewell Junction area who didn't feel the tremendous sadness that was looming over the town, in fact I think the whole Hudson Valley felt it.

Sadly on December 18th, Police Officer Dan DiDato was involved in a serious one-car motor vehicle accident on the Taconic State Parkway while on the job. Officer DiDato was taken to Mid-Hudson Regional Hospital and sadly he later succumbed to his injuries.

Thousands of comments and heartbroken posts instantly flooded social media after the news was released. Posts started to also appear all over asking everyone to show their respect by placing blue ribbons around the town and lining up American Flags alongside the road.

When a tragedy hits, you really see who steps up to help and how a community comes together to offer their support.

Everyone and I mean everyone started lining up American Flags and a beautiful path was made for Officer DiDato's wake/funeral which took place on Friday December 22nd and Saturday December 23rd. Police from all over and people from other towns came and added their American Flags to the vast really was a touching way to show honor and respect for a fallen officer.

The flags are still in Hopewell Junction/East Fishkill, but the Town of East Fishkill Highway Department has a request for residents. According to their post, they are asking residents and businesses to come together and please remove the flags that was placed along the roadways. Due to heavy rains we've experienced, future bad weather and the potential of snow plows on the road the flags could be knocked down and torn. It would be disrespectful to have them knocked down and even though they are getting taken dow it's another way to still show respect.

If you see a flag maybe you can help or spread the word to help out. Thank you again for your service Officer Dan DiDato, your spirit will be felt throughout the area and will never be forgotten.

We did mention bad weather, here are some snow removal tips:

Tips For Snow Shoveling

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