So you think that you are doing something good for yourself by planning on a warm breakfast made from whole grain oats, with protein and fiber. Well you are, unless in this particular case you have a tree nut allergy.

Product image think! Protein fiber oatmeal farmer’s market berry crumble bowl

The oatmeal that you are going to either want to avoid because of your tree nut allergy is one particular batch of the 'think! Protein + Fiber Farmer's Market Berry Crumble. 

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According to the FDA.GOV press release, these are the specific batches that are involved:

The recalled products are sold in individual 1.76 oz bowls with a UPC Code of 753656711836 or a case containing 6 individual bowls with a UPC Code of 753656712338, all with best by dates of N15OCT21, N16OCT21, N19OCT21, N20OCT21, or N21OCT21 stamped on the bottom of the bowl.

While the company that makes the oatmeal has not been told of any issues involving customers and their product, they are making the recall out of an abundance of caution. The manufacturer believes there is a chance that tree nuts  (pecans and walnuts) could have made it into the above batch. If you are in possession of the product and do not or cannot consume nuts, please return it to place of purchase for a refund.

What other food allergies do you have? Have you ever had to use your Epipen because of them? What do non-food allergy sufferers need to know about how tough it is for you?

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