All it takes is a few warm days and a little bit of moister and suddenly we have bugs. We will start to see them buzzing around now that the temperatures have gotten warmer. My neighbor and I were talking over the weekend how the Black Files already seem to be flying around.

I can handle the black flies what I can stand are the Mosquitos. I must be allergic to them or something but when I get bit I get these huge welts. Someone once told me that certain things about a person will attract a mosquito and if that is true I must have all of them because they flock to me like seagulls to beach snacks.

I can be out with a whole group of friends and I am the one who leaves with the bites all over me. I have even been bit through land sleeves. All of this has lead to me being very pro-active when it comes to warding of the little pests.

In the past I used a lot of bug spray but more recently, I have turn to less toxic and more homemade remedies. It actually all started after the first time I had my house treated for pest. I ask them not to use a bunch of toxic chemicals so instead the used something eco-friendly and when they were done my house and yard smelled like rosemary chicken.

Thanks to that discovery I now keep more non-toxic bugs repellent option around the house. Healthline online offers some great advice on what to use and how to you it. They recommend everything from Thyme oil to Tea Tree Oil. Click here to see the remedies and their uses according to Healthline.

It seems to be working. Between my bug guy and his spray and my attempt at alchemy I believe I am ready for the 2021 bug wars.

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