It was touch and go for a while this year, but when the chips were down, the community and the organizers came through. it’s back and in a big way. I’m talking about Rosendale’s International Pickle Festival, and it’s being held for the first time since covid hit. That’s a big deal. Or a big dill, as the case may be. (insert moan for bad pickle puns)

The Rosendale International Pickle Festival is coming up this Sunday, Oct. 16 from 10AM - 5PM at the Rosendale Community Center and Ballpark at 1055 Route 32 South in Rosendale. It’s a beautiful Drive through Ulster County, especially this time of the year, or you can even take the Adirondack Trailways Bus, which stops in Rosendale, directly across the street from the Pickle Festival.

Never been to the Rosendale International Pickle Festival? It’s a pickle lover’s dream come true. People come from all over the country, and some further, just to try out the pickles, the pickle eating contests, the Pickle Triathlon, lots of local vendors and more. And it’s been going on for well over 20 years. The only thing to ever put the festival on hold has been covid. And luckily, we’re on the other side of that. The foliage is really beautiful right now in Ulster County, so this is the perfect weekend for the return of one of the area's most popular festivals.

It goes without saying that the Rosendale community and the whole pickle loving Hudson Valley is pretty excited about the return of the International Pickle Festival. For more information about the festival, the parking and shuttle buses, visit the Rosendale International Pickle Festival web page.

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