Compared to most countries, the United States is a relatively young nation. Still, America's history is rich, and thanks to the foresight of its leaders, that history has been preserved for both current and future generations. From the Underground Railroad to presidential porches—historical sites offer visitors a new experience and a social studies lesson all in one. At historic sites across the nation, tourists can enter into a different time, worldview, or social status with nothing more than a park pass. We can visit some locations to pay our respects to painful pasts, and others to celebrate American icons and pioneers.

Using data from the National Park Service’s Annual Park Ranking Report for Recreational Visits, Stacker identified the most popular National Historic Sites (NHS) around the United States. These include museums, forts, homes, and railways. The historical sites are ranked based on the number of recreational visits each saw during 2019, with data released March 2, 2020.

LET'S GO: The most popular historic sites in America

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