This is why we can't have nice things.

Back in August, I heard through the grapevine about a "secret spot" in Dutchess County that was home to "Fairy Houses." The trail featured small fairy houses and had a mailbox that allowed those who found it to leave the fairies messages.

I left the location out of the original post since the person who shared it with me said it was a small quiet trail that not many people knew about. We're still keeping the location to ourselves to keep a little mystery alive in the Hudson Valley.

If you've tried to enjoy nature around the Hudson Valley the past few months, you'd know it's hard to follow social distance protocols because all of the out-of-towners are visiting.

Unfortunately, the wrong folks found the fairy houses and now they're going away.

The "Fairy Godmothers" who take created the fairyland reached out on Thursday, September 17th, to inform us that one of the fairy homes had been destroyed and the mailbox and clotheslines had been ripped down.

Parks and Recreation were called and while I'm sure they appreciated the fun gesture, they told the Fairy Godmothers that the houses needed to be removed and they only have 5 days to get rid of them.

If you're interested in owning these original fairy homes, they will be available. Since the houses are being taken down and off the trail, the Fairy Godmothers wanted us to put the word out and ask if a library or local business would be interested in a "fairly" new property?

Take a look and let us know! We'll forward your messages along.



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