Have you ever driven down to Houston or Galveston and been on a very popular stretch of Texas interstate known as "I-45 The Highway of Hell" somewhere near League City? If the answer is yes, then you may have passed a very popular field for dumping the murdered bodies of over 30 young attractive females from ages 10 to 25 years old.

While there's nothing there but what appears to be a swamp or mash land. The place does look and feel spooky or creepy when one realizes that there have been over 30 murdered bodies found there.

If you've ever had your window down you could have very well smelled the faint scent of a decaying body or two. As a matter of fact, do you ever recall seeing someone parked on the side of the interstate maybe taking a walk or getting back in their vehicle? If you can describe that person to the police your help is desperately needed.

That particular piece of land is known to all law enforcement in that area as the 'Texas Killing Fields' and since before 1970 someone has been using that abandoned Calder Oil Field to dispose of the murdered bodies of over 30 females. Is this the work of a single serial killer or multiple killers?

It appears as if all the victims were either raped or sexually molested according to the autopsy reports

Everyone from local law enforcement agencies and several Federal Bureau (FBI) has been trying to solve these 30-plus murders over the years. First, it appears that all the victims (according to autopsies) were raped and or sexually molested and most but not all were shot in the head with a small caliber gun.

While at least 30 bodies have been discovered in the Texas Killing Fields there are still dozens of young Texas females from that local area that have not been discovered yet and are still missing. Most all the bodies found and those still missing are very similar in body size, hair color, and style, and as stated earlier they are all between the ages of 10 to 25. Thus leading the investigators to believe that this is all the work of a single person, a serial killer.

While the local police have a suspect in mind they (the police) have never been able to find not even one strand of hair or molecule of evidence on him, his vehicle, his home, his work, his office, or even his nearby barn. But because he was leasing the old abandoned oil field known as the Texas Killing Fields for his horse training business he became a suspect.

Today, police officers, and FBI Agents most of which have retired, still believe that the 'real serial killer' will slip up and the cases will be solved. Nonetheless, as you watch the above video be aware that someone somewhere saw something strange but has never reported it.

Finally, back in 1997, the League City Police Department ran a search on their computer for registered sex offenders in or nearby and they discovered that there were over 2,100 sex offenders in that stretch of I-45 between Galveston and Houston.

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