It's one of those weeks that we could really use a smile. The world is pretty heavy these days and every now and then you just need to see something silly to bring a smile on your face. A cute post popped up in a local Facebook group and it's just what we needed to see to get us through the rest of week.

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A 'Bear-y' cute friend in the Hudson Valley:

D. Baisley/Canva
D. Baisley/Canva

According to the source, the bear previously belonged to her daughter and she was recently doing some normal household cleaning tasks. She propped the bear outside of the window, took a picture, then ran inside and told her husband there was a bear outside. Don't worry, the story takes a very cute turn.

Not scary, this bear happens to be very nice:

D. Baisley/Canva
D. Baisley/Canva

To continue the story, her husband mentioned he was going to grab his phone and they both went outside. Of course, there was no real bear just a cute stuffed animal. Both residents had a good laugh and went back inside the house.

The house is in Stormville and I bet it put some smiles on the faces of people who drove by. It may seem like a small gesture, but something that makes us laugh or smile right now is needed. Maybe we can start a trend here in the Hudson Valley and have more people help out and provide some extra laughs.

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