We all know that Santa Claus is coming to a Hudson Valley town soon, and if I had a countdown clock I would be happy to put it here for you to help you know exactly when the Big Guy was going to be stepping out of his sleigh at your home.

Depending on where you our, he will be swinging by your house in the late hours of December 24th or the early part of December 25th. While you and I do not possess the unique ability to know exactly when he will be 'coming down your chimney, ' there is a place that has had satellite capability of tracking him for the last 66 years.

That place? NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command based in Colorado has special equipment and volunteers to be able to share with everyone where Santa is. In preparation for Santa's 2020 journey NORAD has launched their most recent version of their tracking site, which you can check out, NoradSanta.

While we won't be able to see how Santa's journey gets him around the world and to the Hudson Valley until the night of December 24, 2020 there are a bunch of activities that you can do on the website now including:

  • Watch movies about Santa & Norad
  • Listen to Santa's favorite Christmas Songs
  • You can learn more about what NORAD does and its mission
  • Check out the library section to learn more about Santa, his sleigh and holiday traditions
  • Of course, there is even a 'gift shop' so you can help be ready for gift giving.

I personally check this site out a few times on Christmas Eve as well. Maybe you will too!

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