Get ready Ulster County because there is something new coming to Woodstock in June, and it sounds like a pretty exciting addition to a town that is already one of the coolest in the Hudson Valley. How does this sound? A place with gourmet food made with locally sourced ingredients, live music, and amazing views. It sounds incredible and it’s actually happening.

The Millstream Tavern is coming to  Woodstock next month, and they’ll be opening right on the beautiful Sawkill Creek. There’s nothing like creek side dining, especially when your meal is made by an accomplished chef using the best ingredients from right here in the Hudson Valley. That’s exactly what the new Millstream Tavern is all about. It sounds like the perfect way to spend a spring or summer night. Or a fall or winter evening, for that matter.

And if there is an important occasion coming up in your life, like a wedding or other significant event, Millstream Tavern will be doing catered events, like beautiful mountain view weddings. Let's face it... the Hudson Valley is gorgeous any time of the year, but add a creek and some mountains and you have the perfect backdrop for any occasion, whether it be a wedding, a fancy party or just a night out for dinner.

If you’re interested in having a wedding or some other event at the new Millstream Tavern, they are already booking. To book your party, or to find out more about this exciting new restaurant, visit the Millstream Tavern website.

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