Considering that we're living in the digital age, it's so surprised that new apps are appearing. However, we're so used to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and Twitter and it's hard for us to get our attention off of them on and onto something new.

What social media app do you use the most?


I would say that each app has something that it's known for and really good for using at a certain time. I definitely use Facebook and Instagram the most.

Have you heard of this new photo sharing app?

This app is something that is mainly being used by Gen Z at the beginning of this year. It asks the user to share a picture from what they are currently doing during a random time each day.

This popular new app is called BeReal.

Allison Kay
Allison Kay

This app is known as a simple way to share photos at least one a day of your life at that moment. However, a notification pops up for users at a different time every day to capture a picture. This must be done within 2 minutes. If you are able to do this in time, then you can also discover what your "friends" on this app are doing as well.

However, is this app safe?

Even though this app explains how it highlights what your friends are doing in their life at that very moment, it can be intrusive.

Not only does this app ask for a picture of what you're doing with your front face camera but it also takes a picture with your back face camera as well. Users can see what's going on up close and personal and also far away.

What happens if you're "late" to your notification on BeReal?

This app claims to show what's going on in someone's day in an authentic and realistic manner. If you miss your notification and are late, you are unable to upload your "friends' ' pictures on the app until you post one yourself.

What are the benefits of this popular new app?

Allison Kay
Allison Kay

Users have claimed that they like it's' 'one post only" option for this app. This policy is to influence users to not scroll or linger on the BeReal app and instead just show what they are doing in real time. The key to this app is to emphasize real life events instead of posting highlight reels of your life as other social media apps allow.

Is there anything that users need to know in order to be careful on this app?

The BeReal app shows you who screenshots your photo. You can also set your BeReal app to "Discovery Mode" which allows your profile to be public. Anyone who has the app can see your picture of the day

Some users have claimed that they don't like the app, it's annoying to be "late" or "miss" a notification. However, other users like the BeReal app because it's less superficial and "fake" as other social media apps where you can edit your pictures, show a highlight reel of your life, etc.

Have you tried the BeReal app? Will you download this app and give it a shot? Let us know below.

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