A stunning picture of nature was recently taken by a Hudson Valley resident.

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I always have to start of and say this...PLEASE DO NOT HARM ANY SNAKES THAT YOU SEE OUT. I was looking on Facebook the other day and someone posted a pretty remarkable picture. I'm the first to admit it that I'm not the biggest snake fan (I'm actually terrified by them) but a picture of one really stood out .

A. Reyes/Canva
A. Reyes/Canva

I reached out to the Hudson Valley resident who posted it and she mentioned that the snake was photographed at the summit of Hunter Mountain in the Catskills. The photographer also mentioned how the snake was sunbathing when she saw it (kinda funny). She also mentioned how that spot is filled with vegetation during the summer months and she wanted to go and see if she could find anything.

There have many snake sightings throughout the Hudson Valley this summer and it seems like there have been even more recently. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what snakes are out there and which ones you see when you're out, here's a guide that can be very helpful if you're out and about or hiking so you know which ones to avoid.

Have you seen any snakes recently? Where have you seen them? Share your answers with us on the station app.

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