New York state has long been a hotbed for sightings of UFOs and other unexplained phenomenon.

Now with the recent Congressional Hearing on UFOs, which featured testimony from whistleblower David Grusch and two Navy pilots, the topic has once again come to the forefront. Are we alone?

According to the National UFO Reporting Center, there have been 5771 reports of UFOs in New York state. That is fifth in the country, only behind California, Florida, Texas, and Washington state

Latest UFO Reports in New York 

From what the reporting center has gathered, the latest sighting in New York was in Gasport, NY where on July 27 a witness reported a "large bright light stationary at first and then began to move slowly, disappeared after 20-30 seconds of moving."

You can see the full list of sightings in the state HERE.


Many of the alleged sightings are from New York City or other parts of the state, though on May 27, reports came in from both Calicoon and Washingtonville of "very fast moving bright lights, that traveled north towards the horizon.'

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According to WOWK, the NUFORC is a "non-governmental, nonprofit corporation that investigates UFO sightings" The website allows you to file your own reports which can then take several weeks to be posted for the public to view.

These are just eyewitness accounts, so it could just be something easily explainable like a regular airplane, military equipment, or simply another star in the night sky?

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