So they claim we have traveled through the worst of it. The latest Mercury Retrograde that has been disrupting our lives since May 29th 2021.

Apparently today (June 22nd 2021) is the last of the madness until Mercury goes retrograde again this September. However, everything I have read says to keep our eye on the ball and be careful because we aren't truly out of the woods until July 7th. Oh my that is still two more weeks of weird.

Mercury and the Signs via YouTube BuzzFeedVideo
Mercury and the Signs via YouTube BuzzFeedVideo

I am sure someone over the last few weeks has mention to you that Mercury being in retrograde is the reason for what ails you. I have heard it so many times I am starting to say it before they can say it to me. It is not that I don't believe that the planets being in certain places can't cause things on our happy planet to go askew but can we just chalk a few things up to bad luck once in a while.

So what are some of the Signs of Retrograde?

The kind of chaos that comes with a planet retrograde can very. Cosmopolitan wrote up the Mercury retrograde and cautioned us that it could be about our "exes"  due to the fact that Mercury and Venus were both going to be together in Gemini. Exes by the way are both relationships and things we gave up like jobs and habits. According to Cosmo there is a good chance you have been dealing with things from the past the last few weeks. I know I have. talks about us coming out of the worst Mercury Retrograde for this year but did acknowledge that we will be experiencing a bit of a Mercury Hangover until early July. The will explain why you may still feel like you were hit with a astrological bus that just keeps backing up for the next week or so.

How can you Tell it is Over in the Hudson Valley?

1 - You won't get stuck at almost all the lights on Route 9 between Poughkeepsie and Fishkill.

2 - You will see the state police car parked on the side of Route 84 in Middletown before you go flying by it at 20 mph over the speed limit.

3 - You won't have the cheese you bought at Adam's Fairacre Farms in Wappingers end up out of the bag in you car only to be discovered later under the seat after it has baked there for a few days.

4 - Your social media account postings will stop disappearing then reappearing as soon as you ask someone for help.

5 - Your cell phone will stop sending you notifications for nothing and hopefully the amount of increased spam calls will stop too.

What is Mercury Retrograde so you are ready for September?

So let's hope that the things that have been flying around your world the last few weeks like disagreements with the person you never argue with or the piece of electronics that has you thinking you lost your mind are all about to come back in line and the daze you have been in has concluded with Mercury appearing to move forward again.

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