Come on down!!!!

If your a fan of game shows, those three words have so much excitement and fun attached to them. "Come on down" is what anyone who's ever watched the game show the Price is Right wants to hear while they wait in the studio audience and that's what happened to 27 year old Alexa Perry, from the Ulster County town of Saugerties, according to the Daily Freeman.

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Since COVID started last year, the way the "guess the price" game show takes place is a bit different as the contestants row is set up different, there is no live audience and because of social distancing, no guests are allowed to do the famous "hug" with the host of the show Drew Carey. One thing that hasn't changed is that the show is taped in Los Angeles, and to be a possible contestant, folks need to sign up online to be considered and that exactly what "Lexi" did.

After applying, she got an email asking her if she was interested in auditioning online to be on the show and of course she was. After the audition late last year, she learned that's he was picked as a potential candidate for the show and in February she flew from New York to Los Angeles for taping.

Lexi did tell the Freeman that even with all the changes, when you hear your name called by George Gray (the come on down voice guy), the rush is unbelievable and even better, the excitement everyone shares whenever a contestant is called to the stage. She said, "Everyone’s so happy for each other, it's incredible how supportive strangers are and that genuinely that excited for someone else."

So how did she do on the show? Did she make it off of contestants row? What iconic game did she play? Unfortunately the show has rules about sharing any information about her appearance so she couldn't give any answers, but we'll all get to find out how she did on the show together. Her episode will air on CBS 2, Tuesday March 30th at 11 a.m.

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