The stunning home in Saugerties looks like a palace and is the epitome of luxury. The more I look into the amazing homes that are for sale in the Hudson Valley the more I realize I need to play the lottery way more. There are STUNNING homes that are for sale and each one is a little bit different. One home that's for sale in Ulster County is very different and has its own unique set of characteristics.

What beautiful home is for sale in Ulster County, NY?

R. Rouse, Rouse CO Real Estate LLC via
R. Rouse, Rouse CO Real Estate LLC via

I mean take a good look at that picture. The home has amazing views of the Hudson River, has 7 bedrooms, 7m5 bathrooms...THAT'S RIGHT 7.5 BATHROOMS and has two wings that were completely renovated by KDA Architecture. I still can't get over the 7.5 bathroom part.

The beautiful home is also on 8 acres of land and it would be a perfect home for a big family. Even just saying that the home was two wings in it makes you feel fancy. The home is located at 115 Emerick Road in Saugerties, NY and the current listing price for it is $4,995,000. For two wings and 7.5 bathrooms that price makes sense. We hope the right owner purchases this home and if are the one who purchases it, PLEASE send us more picture on the station app and invite us over for a few cocktails.

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