If you've ever been to a boring holiday party, you know that it just can't end soon enough. So to make sure that never happens to any of us again, we have found a game that can add some fun and excitement to any boring party.

The game is called "The Saran Wrap Ball Christmas Party Game" and was introduced to us almost six years ago by the people over at Awesome Jelly and I promise it is one of the best games I've ever played. All you need to play is a few things you probably have at home right now.

Awesome Jelly/YouTube
Awesome Jelly/YouTube

The Saran Wrap Ball Christmas Party Game

All you need to play is a few rolls of Saran Wrap, dice, and whatever prizes that you want to give away. The game makers recommend having prizes that start small, like candy, nail polish basically anything that only cost a couple of bucks. They also recommend having one or two big prizes like gift cards or cash to include in the game.

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How to Prepare the Saran Wrap Ball

You have all the prizes you'd like to include in the game, now you should start rolling out the saran wrap, putting whatever prizes you have inside the wrap every once and a while. The first thing you put in the saran wrap should be the best prize because that will be the last thing that's revealed when the game ends. Keep rolling out the saran wrap until you have a huge ball.

How to Play

First, everyone needs to decide who is going first (when I played we let the youngest player go first, and then we went clockwise). Once that's figured out, that person starts with the ball. The person to their right starts rolling the dice and while they are rolling, the person with the ball starts unwrapping until the dice roller roll doubles on the dice. If you are unwrapping the ball, you get to keep every prize you unwrap until doubles are rolled. Once doubles are rolled, you pass the ball to the next player and repeat until the ball is completely unwrapped and one person wins the big prize.

When I played, I won a key chain, fun-size snickers, and chapstick! I didn't win the big prize which was a $50 bill, that went to my daughter Julianna who was beyond happy. If you'd like to increase the challenge, try to do the unwrapping wearing oven mitts. Good luck playing and have fun!

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