It's a sweet gesture and maybe we can figure out who they belong to. I'm a sucker for anything romantic and of course this stood out to me when I was spending some time on Facebook the other day.

The post showed a picture of a wall, but in the middle of it you can see some kind of writing. Hmmmm. It took me a few minutes to see what the writing said because it was a little dark, but here's a picture of what it looks like:

James Smith
James Smith

I reached out to the person who posted this and they mentioned the home is located in the Hopewell area of the Hudson Valley. According to sources, it was found on the backside of the sheetrock on the living room side, then covered up by sheetrock hung on the kitchen side.

What does it say?

So cute and sweet, the message says "Rick and Marie 91 to Eternity".  In the top right corner, you can see "92" and I'm assuming that means they year they wrote it.

This whole thing made me start to wonder about Rick and Marie and who they are. Maybe we can find them and show them that their message is still going strong. If you have any idea who they are, feel free to share this with them or tell us on the station app. Here's to long lasting love and a beautiful romance.

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