Remember when we were kids, complaining about waiting for the school bus outside during a cold, snowy winter morning? Our parents would reply with stories of how they used to walk to school and back for miles in all kinds of weather, uphill both ways. Yea, I believed that for a few seconds. That is until I realized they said 'uphill both ways.'

For my first seven years of schooling, I walked to school in all weather conditions. Never uphill though. I rode a bus for the second half of my schooling years.

School Bus

I never got the chance to drive a car to school since I didn't have a driver's license or a car, like a few of my classmates did. Nor did my parents ever drive me to school. Didn't need to. I was never late when the bus arrived. In my old man's voice here: "And back in my day, if you weren't at the bus stop on time, the bus would not wait."

Buses and cars aren't the only way to get to school for some. There are schools that have special days where students can come to work in another mode of transportation.

For example, Green Central School sets aside a day towards the end of the school year for seniors to come to school driving anything from a riding lawn mower to a full-size tractor.

Their mode of transportation was a snowmobile. According to NewsChannel 13, the school gave permission for students to ride their snowmobiles to school, but some conditions had to be adhered to, including a permission slip from parents or guardians, having taken a snowmobile safety course, and good behavior at school.

Do you think this would be a good idea for students in the Southern Tier of New York or Northeast Pennsylvania if we had enough snow to allow for snowmobile conditions? At least for one day?

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