Have you ever had that favorite necklace break? The one that you have had for years? You try your best to put it back together with pliers but to no avail. You just don't have the right tools. This is true of many of the small repair jobs around the house. You know the little things that break that don't always seem to be worth fixing or worst we don't think the item can be fixed.

Fortunately, some brilliant folks got together and created something called the "repair Cafe". These events happen all over the Hudson Valley and are designed to help those of us that have broken things we just can't give up. Jewelry, clothing, electronics, and more can often be put back in working order but one of the craftspeople who volunteer at these types of events.

Gardiner New York Library Repair Cafe

Summer sun beams shining on the hands of a skilled carpenter

This weekend there is a repair cafe happening in Gardiner, New York. Bring your things that need repair to this group of experts that can help. Jewelry, wood mechanical, electrical, sewing, and photo restoration will all be available.

Where to go to fix broken household items in the Hudson Valley?

Everyone is invited to this free community event that will be held at the Gardiner Library from 1 PM to 4 PM on Sunday, September 25th, 2022. You no longer have to throw out or cast aside those broken items in your life. Someone at the repair cafe could easily be the person who restores it back to working order.
These types of events are a regular occurrence in the Hudson Valley. They are a great resource for the Hudson Valley, Unifying the need to fix the broken items with what we all know and love.

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