If you go to get your nails done as in a manicure or a gel fill, this blog post is for you. I know that for myself and my friends, we have screenshots and endless pictures on Pinterest of potential nail designs. I should probably go through my phone and delete those screenshots or at least actually use them when I head to the nail salon.

Now that it is about to officially be the start of summer, we must keep up on the trends. I came across trends for summer 2021 nails. I am here to inform you on the hottest nail trend that is quickly approaching.

Remember when a French manicure was the classy and popular nail trend? It then moved to pink and whites and now, the ombre style. We can now welcome in the nontraditional French manicure featuring a different color. The most popular look has been a shade of pink on the tip of your nails instead of white. I have done yellow, blue, and lilac on the tip of my nails and it looked pretty.

Whether you have the shape of your nails as almond, round or square, it looks great either way. The biggest benefit of this design is that when you nails grow out, it doesn’t’ show too much as it would with a nail that has a full color on it.

Check out local nail’s salon throughout the Hudson Valley.

YH Nails, Montgomery

Love Nails, Fishkill

Pamper Nail Salon, New Windsor

As for summer, the trend of every nail having a different color on the tip is cool trend. Have you ever tried this trend and style before? If you have pictures, we would love to see.

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