A few days ago I watched the "Pink! All I Know So Far" documentary on Amazon Prime. As a fan of her music, I was interested to see more of the 'behind the scenes' or her tour and how she makes it work as a performer, wife and mom of two kids.

The documentary was eye-opening from the perspective of how much she works to make sure what happens on stage is the best experience for her fans, but it also showed her trying to balance the rest of her life. She has the same worries that you and I do. Will she let her team down, will her kids hate her, can she make everything work and not let anyone down?

It was great to see the interaction of Pink and her daughter Willow, who appears in many ways to have the spunk and drive of both her parents. Fast forward a few days and Pink, along with her daughter are performing at the Billboard Awards, where she is receiving the Icon Award.

The mother daughter duo, at some point, are suspended from the rafters, twirling, while you hear a song that the two have sung. Holy cow the daughter has the voice.

A reporter for USAToday asked Pink, if she thinks that her daughter will get into show business, here is the proud Mom's response:

She wants to go to the Culinary Institute of America and become a baker in New York, and then have an amusement park and possibly a water park. She's been sending me Zillow listings of condos near Disneyland.

So, the Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park campus is no stranger to celebrity students and families. Maybe they should get ready for one Willow Harts' application in about 8 years?

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