You may have watched Home Alone at some point over the holidays. This is sort of like a real-life case of that movie, though these kids weren't left unattended because of a last-minute rush to the airport.

Police say a New York state woman is facing charges after leaving her three kids at home for hours after she went out for a few drinks Christmas Eve. However, it's probably safe to say this woman went out for more than just a few, given how plastered police said she was.

New York State Woman Drove Almost 3X Legal Limit

WNYT says one of the kids of the woman from the Town of Milton called police Friday to tell authorities their mom was missing. State Troopers arrived at the home to find the children home alone. WNYT says that when the suspect finally came home, she was arrested for DWI.

Officials say her blood alcohol content was  .21%, which is nearly three times the state's legal limit. WNYT says the woman was issued an appearance ticket and is due back in court on January 24.

Milton, Not That Milton

The Town of Milton in Saratoga County is not to be confused with the hamlet of Milton, located in the Hudson Valley in Ulster County.

According to the data on the effects of alcohol from the McDonald Center, a BAC level of .21% to .249% may require the person to need assistance for walking; and can lead to total mental confusion. Dysphoria with nausea and vomiting; possible blackout.

Drunk in the Morning

Here is yet another story concerning a person who should not be behind the wheel. And what is startling about this case of alleged drunk driving is that the suspect was pulled over on the Thruway late morning. Were they still that drunk from the night before, or did they wake up early and start hitting the bottle at breakfast?


Police say a 56-year-old New York state woman was pulled over at the New York State Thruway toll entrance one morning back in September. What started as a routine traffic stop turned into much more, as troopers say they believed the woman was driving while intoxicated.

WKTV says the Utica woman was arrested and brought to the police station where her BAC was found to be .25%, which is over three times the state's legal limit.

According to figures from the Institute for Traffic Safety Management and Research, there were 27,268 impaired driving arrests in the state of New York in 2020, which is actually a 39.6% decrease since 2016.

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