In another reminder that probably shouldn't have to be said, police want everyone to know that even if COVID-19 has closed the DMVs, you can't hang a license plate you made at home on your car. One motorist, who was angry that many DMVs remained closed, decided to take matter in to his own hands.

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KATU says that a man in Oregon was pulled over after officials spotted the fake plate. The "plate" read DMV CLOSED, and even had an expiration date of 12/21 printed at the bottom.

You have to admit, including the expiration date was a nice touch. However, the Washington County's Sheriff's Office took to social media to issue a reminder that this wasn't okay. Now, while this particular sheriff's office did give the man points for creativity, they asked motorists not to do this on their vehicles. Pretty simple.

A spokesperson for the sheriff's office says it is okay for motorists in Oregon to leave expired lates on, as only six DMVs across the state are open by appointment only.

All DMVs across New York remain closed. Many transactions can still be done online.

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