Another business in the Hudson Valley is closing their doors for good.

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It's never fun to have to announce that another business is closing down. There's always a lot of feelings about it and it means a community somewhere in the Hudson Valley is losing a cool spot. One business in Pine Island recently announced that they are closing down, but they are doing something sweet and different to help residents in the area who wanted to go.

The Jolly Onion is located on 625 Glenwood Road in Pine Island, New York. Sadly, they recently announced that they will be closing and asked patrons to post a photo or memory from there.

A lot of people panic when they have a gift card for a business that's closing down and worry that it won't be honored and they will be losing their money. However, they recently put a post that explained how they will  be reimbursing all gift cards that were purchased from July 1, 2023-to present day. People who paid in cash wanted to know what will be done for them and the post mentioned how a check will be written to them for the amount.

Nice and classy move.

We wish the owners of The Jolly Onion the best of luck with their next adventure. I looked at the comments and the Pine Island community will be missing this spot.

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